Tarot Readings

thoth deck

Aleister Crowley’s THOTH deck – Major Arcana

Each tarot card reading I do is individual and personal to you. I work with my spirit guides and the THOTH deck to interpret what is happening for you now and what your most likely path is ahead.

Your questions can be specific or you can ask about a general subject like your career, love life, health, wealth etc. I often use the Astrology layout for a general overview or the Tree of Life layout for more specific questions. Sessions last about 1 hour.

Because I am able to tune into your Energy and Life Path remotely, I am also able to provide you with a reading over Skype or via email. I provide you with a recording of the reading that can be sent by email.


Tarot Party Readings

I am also available to offer Tarot readings to a party of people if you want to get together with friends for an evening or weekend. This offer is limited to the Gouveia and Celerico area of Portugal.

  • 15 minute readings focussing on your main area of interest or specific questions. This short reading is best for “burning issues” or trying out Tarot Readings. The minimum booking number is 8. The cost is 5 euros per person.
  • 45 minute readings allow me to either conduct a 12 month reading, giving you a month by month summary of what is likely to happen in the next year, or to focus on several individual questions and look at them in depth. The minimum booking number is 3 with a maximum of 6. The cost is 15 euros per person, but please note that if it is a full booking (6 readings) …then the hostess/host reading is FREE