Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela is situated in central Portugal and home to the highest mountain range, the ‘Star Mountain Range’. Torre plateau (meaning ‘Tower’ in English) is 1993 metres above sea level. Visitors can reach the summit via paved road.

Serra da Estrela Natural park is Portugal’s largest conservation area made up of 1,000 km² comprised of outstanding natural landscapes, striking mountain peaks, rivers, glacier lakes and abundant wildlife.  The region is steeped in rich history with many of it’s villages dating back to medieval times. The population of Serra da Estrela continue to practice cultural traditions carried through generations such as farming, cheese making and craftmanship.

Serra da Estrela is included in the the GR22 trail (The Historical Villages of Portugal) and offers 565km connecting 12 historical villages, with many cultural and historical highlights along the trail.

For those interested in history, the region is host to many international landmarks with some of it’s villages protected under the Aldeias Historicas de Portugal’.  Aldeias Historicas de Portugal aims to preserve the local people’s lifestyle and traditions, reduce the environmental footprint and maintain the heritage of the villages. Many of the villages host community gatherings, events and markets throughout the year to celebrate the pleasures of their gastronomy.
Visitors will find villages preserved in a rich history each with their own unique story to tell.  Fiesta’s are also held throughout carnival season which celebrate various harvests and religious saints of Portugal. Trancoso market is the area’s largest weekly market selling fresh produce, livestock, crafts and other local produce.