Advanced Crystal Healing



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  • one to one bespoke crystal healing workshops tailored to your specific needs.
  • or join the next small group workshop on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th August.


Learn Advanced techniques to heal and balance your energy body and align to your souls purpose.

Understand what crystals represent, what their vibrations mean and how they effect the mind, body and spirit.

In this 2 day workshop we will cover the following:

Day 1:

Ø Introduction to different crystals and their healing properties.
Ø Learn how to use pendulums over chakras to determine which chakras are out of balance
Ø Review and explanation of the 15 chakra system and 7 subtle bodies.
Ø Understand how to balance chakras and what crystals to use
Ø Learn how to tune in and read what needs cleansing in your body

Day 2:

Ø Understanding energy chords and how they impact us.
Ø Learn how to remove negative entities from your energy field
Ø Learn techniques to disperse energy around the body
Ø Learn techniques and meditations to ground & protect yourself from negative energies

Andrea has been studying esoteric and shamanic healing techniques for 16 years. This course is the first in a series of workshops to share her extensive knowledge of combining a wide variety of energy healing techniques for powerful results.

Andrea specialises in supporting people through major life transitions by identifying and releasing past traumas that are blocking them achieving their full potential.

This is an intensive 2 day workshop. Some prior knowledge of Energy healing would be beneficial but not essential. Lunch and drinks will be provided on both days. Accommodation is available in a shared room at an additional cost of 15 euros per night.

The workshop fee of 120 euros is payable in advance to secure your place.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the human energy field and chakra system. Andrea will teach you invaluable techniques to keep your mind and body in balance and gain a clear understanding of how to work with different crystals.

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