Raku Pottery Workshop




Marv and Diane from Muddy Fingers Pottery in the UK are bringing their ever popular Raku Workshops over to Portugal in 2019.

This 2 day workshop will happen on Saturday 27th April and Saturday 4th May from 9am-5pm.

It’s aimed at adults aged 16 plus with little or no knowledge of pottery and Raku.

Muddy Fingers are coming to Portugal because they want to run more regular workshops there and eventually settle in Portugal.

A little bit about the course…

Day One.

After short introductions and a brief explanation of raku and what you’ll do on the course you will get started with how to prepare your clay for making raku pots. There will be a demonstration on different making techniques where you will make some simple coil pots and pinch pots to get used to the clay and what you can do with it. From there you can make more decorative and complicated pots using materials found in nature to print with. There will be informal tea breaks and an hours lunch break. The classes are always really relaxed and fun but really informative too! We will use our surroundings as the basic inspiration for the forms of the pots and provide sketchbooks and pencils to draw out your ideas on paper before making them come to life in clay. We will aim for up to 6 small vessels/sculptures each person and maybe a few test tiles too so when you come back for the second session, you can see roughly what the glazes will do.

Day Two.

Glazing day! Wear long sleeves, long trousers and sensible shoes please! We will start the day by looking at some glaze samples and discussing the diffent effects and why they happen. we will have bisque fired your pots ready for glazing so we will show you some different techniques using resist and brush work.

Then its your turn to decorate your pots however you like. We will be doing firings throughout the day as and when the pots have been glazed. Last firing will be going on about 4pm with a 5pm finish. It’s possible that this may overrun due to the nature of gas firings but we will try stick to time!

If we have time, we will do some saggar firings to get a smoked effect on the outside of your pots. We can use natural found organic materials for this (coffee grinds, leaves, bark etc) which we will forage for on the day. Once your pots have been cooled down and washed off, they are ready to take away the same day. You will have the chance to learn about the firing cycle, take the pots out of the kiln (if suitably dressed) and how we built the kiln.

Things to note…

The cost is 110 Euros for both days

Wear sensible shoes on the firing day along with long sleeves and long trousers.This is essential if you want to take part in lifting your pots from the kiln.

The pots you make will not be food safe or frost proof.

You must be aged 16 years plus.

Bring your own lunch or let us know in advance if you’d like to purchase a meal at the venue for 7.50 Euros.

Places limited to 10 people

A little bit about Muddy Fingers…they’ve been¬†making and teaching pottery for over 15 years in the UK. They currently supply tableware to top chefs and restaurants such as Burberry and Tom Kerridge and also run 4 regular night classes a week from their workshop, and one off sessions at galleries and museums on weekends. Muddy Fingers also run workshops at fairs, music festivals such as Glastonbury and Wilderness.

Hope you can join us for this wonderful workshop!

Payment will be needed in advance to secure your place, please contact Muddy Fingers directly to book.