Our Principles

Whether living here as a guest, resident or volunteer, we ask you to kindly abide by the following principles where possible:

  • If every person in the community gave more than they took, we would have an abundance of everything we need. We kindly ask you to be conscious of this balance.
  • We ask that you are mindful throughout your day, which includes an awareness and accountability of your own thoughts, words and actions. When we have guests, we ask that they are given the space they require to enjoy their time fully at Rainbow Lodge.
  • We operate as one family, aiming to help and support each other. We ask that you find ways to compromise and engage in open, conscious communication with each other and resolve any disagreements peacefully.
  • We recycle as much of our waste as possible and try to find ways to up-cycle. With this in mind, please try to bring as little plastic to the community as possible. This also applies to food (cooking and eating) where we try to operate a zero waste policy.
  • We grow some fruit and vegetables, but whilst we are developing our land to increase farming capacity, we also buy fresh, seasonal produce from a local market.
  • We are fully solar-powered for electric and hot water. Our water comes from a spring and is stored for drinking in a water tank. There is a dam to water the blueberries and garden. We ask you to be mindful of your usage with these precious resources and adjust your power and water usage accordingly when required. We do have a washing machine for personal laundry, guest bedding and towels take priority.
  • We have Wi-Fi access in the house. Data is limited and can be slow at peak times. We ask you to be mindful of your usage as this is mainly used for business purposes. Usage should ideally be limited to accessing emails and other essential communication, not to download or stream vast amounts of data.
  • There is a high risk of fire on our land and surrounding areas due to the hot, dry environment. If you smoke then please dispose of your cigarettes responsibly.