Jo Kane – Thai massage

Jo studied Thai massage 13 years ago at Paradise Kho Phi Phi, Thailand. A massage with Jo can be anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on your needs. Jo’s touch is strong; she uses passive stretching, thumbs and fists to apply pressure along the body’s energy lines. Stretching poses help to relax the muscles first then the area is massaged with natural oils. The combination of stretching and rhythmic compression significantly relaxes the muscles which in turn helps reduces pain, releases stress and aids flexibility as the muscles relax. This style of massage also promotes energy circulation leaving you feeling rejuvenated and energized after the treatment.

There will be a consultation with Jo before your massage to discuss the area you would like to focus as well as any specific pains or tensions you would like her to address.

The massage takes place on a futon on the floor as traditionally performed.

A Thai massage with Jo costs 35 Euros for the first hour and 30 Euros per additional hour.

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