Festivals and Events

The Cheese Fair is held annually, around Carnival time. The festival includes a carnival parade of the area’s parishes and associations and a crafts fair and give’s cheese producers to opportunity to sell and promote their products.

 The Chestnut Festival is held in early November in the village of Prados. Prados comes alive with the activity of the chestnut festival. Chestnuts are roasted, the new vintage of local wine is sampled, street entertainers perform, and there is traditional singing and dancing in the street. The local restaurants use chestnuts in all their recipies both savoury and sweet.

Dances on The Water + Andanças24 festivals are held in August demonstrate the area’s responsibility and commitment to environmental sustainability issues such as reducing local and global environmental impacts, learning and working with the local community to help create and establish gradual changes towards sustainability.

Also to help spread principles and best practices for social environmental festivals and other cultural events.