I’m Andrea..Through the journey of my own Awakening that began in 2000, I have followed the path of Shamanic and Mystery school teachings.

I have studied a wide variety of healing modalities over the last 18 years and I have blended these to create my own personal style of healing.

Since I have been at Rainbow Lodge, I have enjoyed working with clients offering personal mini retreats. During these 2- 3 days we can look at your Astrology including your birth chart and transitions over the next year. Should you wish to book a therapy, we can discuss the best type of session based on your needs.

Healing means bringing mind, body, spirit and environment back into harmony, restoring the body’s natural rhythm and equilibrium.

Please see below a brief description on what each session entails;

Crystal Healing:

I usually work with crystals placed on the body to rebalance the chakras and the emotional, mental and spiritual aura. Many people have negative energy influencing them that is not their own, from past and present relationships with friends, families and lovers. This can manifest as being physically ill, tired, stressed, anxious and depressed. These sessions will leave the individual feeling centered, energised and restored.

Following the session, I can recommend crystals for you to work with to aid you moving forward.

Cymatherapy Machine:

Whilst the body is being balanced by the crystal energies I complement this with a Cymatherapy machine that creates harmonic sounds to rebalance the organs and body systems. It has specific sounds for a wide variety of physical illnesses. I have also used the machine to successfully help people with addictions, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

The process of combining crystal healing and Cymatherapy brings you into conscious awareness of events and  issues that are blocking you from moving forward to create the life you desire. This is when I can show you some simple techniques to release trapped emotions. This part of the healing is transformational as it releases you from past events that are creating emotional triggers in the present. I have found these techniques to be particularly helpful for people who have experienced some form of traumatic event such as physical, sexual or psychological abuse.

Astrology Reading:

I love working with your Astrology chart. You can gain so much knowledge about yourself from your birth chart. I personally feel access to this information helps people better understand themselves. If you are going through a period of transition then understanding what planets are transiting your birth chart is key. This provides monthly guidance as to what you are likely to be experiencing and how to work with these energies to enhance your life path.

I often have people visiting me who are experiencing serious issues within their relationships. Consulting Astrology can look at the dynamics playing a part between your two birth charts, this in turn can lead to a greater understanding of each other and often save relationships.

Additional Therapies:

  • Tarot Reading
  • Reiki Session
  • Quantam Magnetic Analyser

(QMS is a machine that does a Full Body Scan to test your health status by holding sensors in your palm. Health data will be collected within minutes from various body systems and a comprehensive report provided with recommendations)

I am always available outside of the therapy room to offer further spiritual support and guidance.


Therapy sessions are available with me on an ad hoc basis, part or a retreat or as a course dependant on your needs.

All sessions are 40 Euros per hour. Payment is needed in advance to confirm your booking by clicking here. 

Please contact Andrea using the form below to request further information or book your session:

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