Energy Healing

Andrea has over 18 years experience working with a collection of techniques that combine cutting edge trauma healing methods and some of the latest  in consciousness research with the ancient wisdom of other transformational disciplines.



Andrea has a deep understanding of the power of the mind and the emotions to create dis-ease within the physical body. She empowers people to understand what has happened in their life to have contributed to the dis-ease within their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. Every cell of our body has its own vibratory signature when in health. When there is a disturbance of this vibratory frequency from emotional, mental, or spiritual disharmony the vibratory sound of the cell goes out of tune and pain, illness or disease can occur.

Andrea offers sessions and consultations online, as well as in person sessions at her retreat centre in Portugal. Working with Andrea in a private session is a unique and special experience.  Together you will move into the deep spaces of your heart and soul, hear the wisdom and direction you require at this time.  Andrea makes each and every session both practical and relevant to your current life experience.  You will come away with options, choices and tools to make a difference in your life.

Andrea is dedicated to providing you with a personal pathway to healing.  She offers individual sessions as well as custom tailored, step by step pathways of healing.  The different healings, services and modalities she provides is brought together so that she may be of service in the most powerful and effective way possible.

Andrea’s aim is to provide you with the best, most effective healing method and process that suits you.

If you are seeking freedom from depression or anxiety, fears or phobias, addictions, physical pain or disease, or wanting to achieve goals and intentions, or seeking insight and guidance, she can provide you with the relevant service.