Unity Consciousness


Unity Consciousness Techniques provide people with the tools to heal unresolved presenting issues. By addressing core emotional traumas, individuals are free to express their true essence and experience a state of joy, unity and wholeness. The collection of techniques combines ancient wisdom with cutting edge trauma healing methods and some of the latest developments in consciousness research. This holistic approach to personal transformation and self mastery is available to everyone.

unity consciousness

Workshop level one – Self Mastery 

The Energy Body – The Chakra System, The Subtle Bodies, Energetic Chords

Manifestation / Observing Awareness / Creating Positive Energy

Root Traumas / Perfect Blueprint / Relationship Mirrors / Spiritual Emergency

Workshop Level two – Creating a healing space.

Grounding, Creating a Sacred Place / Energetic Exchanges / Empathic communication

Workshop level three – Developing advanced processes

Ancestral and DNA healing / Observing Awareness expansion / Merging Consciousness

Workshop level four – Working with your 9 brains

Introduction to the 9 brains and how to heal them towards Unity Consciousness

Workshop Level five – Working with your Core Essence

Core Expression / Core Issues

 Workshop Level six – Unity Consciousness final process

Introducing and Merging your brains to your core

Workshop Level seven – Unity Consciousness

Achieving and Recognising Unity Consciousness