Transference Healing

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is advanced, multidimensional, and works with the lightbody and creates alchemy. Transference Healing® as a modality combines Eastern or new etheric healing procedures with unique information and lightbody procedures, channelled by Alexis Cartwright to create an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing at this vital time of Earth and human evolution. It’s a healing of hope, light and love, enhancing a spiritual awakening and reconnection back to and through the Christ, so that one can begin to come back into a state of spiritual oneness with the omniverse and the God/Goddess.

transference healingTransference Healing®  

Fundamental Training to become a practitioner                      – 4 Day workshop. I can offer this to individuals and small groups. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Step in and learn to run the Transference Healing® Energy, you will gain knowledge of all the procedures necessary to master the alchemical healing process of the physical anatomy and the anchoring of the new 5th dimensional Adam Kadmon body to gain a much deeper understanding of the Ascension Journey. Learning the full modality allows you to develop into your personal gifts and talents whilst becoming skilled at anchoring the higher frequencies of the energy. You will also learn about the Light Body Essences which there are 77 containing vibration of symbols,

Colours, Crystals, Masters and Rays.

After completing this workshop you are able to attend the 3 day Advanced Level with Alexis Cartwright, which then enables you to practice as a practitioner.

Included in the price of this workshop is a 180 page manual full of information on the technology of Light and energy plus a Light Body Kit of 77 essences.

Price £1,485, Deposit £500, Re-sit £450