Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy, through the Art of laying on stones, is one of the most advanced and effective methods of balancing the chakras and energy fields. When we place crystals within the chakras or around our subtle energy field we are raising and lowering the frequency within these systems to create balance. This helps to filter into our minds any issues either emotionally, mentally, or spiritually that are creating a disturbance of the flow of our life force around our body. This is why crystal healing is very transformational as it keeps us focused on our issue instead of allowing it to seep back into our subconscious.

Crystals support humanity on their path of Evolution in this incarnation. They assist us to balance and understand our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

physical-ascension2Crystal Healing Workshops are offered in four weekend workshops. The investment for each weekend is €80 to include a vegetarian lunch and drinks. Payment is possible in 4 instalments and needs to be in advance of each weekend. 

Accommodation is available at Rainbow Lodge or you can make your own personal arrangements. Please email me to express your interest in attending.


Weekend workshop level one 

The Chakra system, Subtle Bodies, Energy Sequence

How to choose, cleanse, recharge and program crystals

Basic Crystal Healing process / Introduction to healing properties of crystals

The Endocrine system and chakras

Weekend workshop level two 

Etheric body healing / Seven stages of Healing

Transpersonal vortex portals / Lasers and Wands / Clearing the Subtle bodies

Hara line Balance / The Divine Core Activation

Weekend Workshop level three 

Soul Fragments and Retrieval / Chakra Cords / Crystal Grids

Clearance of Entities, Negative Thought forms and Implants

Other Energy techniques, Sound, Light, Oils / Master Crystals

Weekend Workshop level four 

The Monadic Ladder / Dimensional Healing / The Axiatonal System

The Five Platonic Solids / Urim Thummim

Vogel Star of David and Vogel Crystal / Activation of the Spin points

4th and 5th Dimensional chakras / The Mer-ka-bah Activation points