Welcome to Duality

Welcome to Duality

Once we realise that WE create our own reality, mostly, there is a certain amount we have to own. Choices. This or that, dark or light, breathe in and breathe out, male or female, take hold or let go…Duality……our worlds are filled with it.


Our spiritual journey, shown in the Tarot as ‘The journey of the fool…’ takes us to meet these forms of duality, shows us how we interact with them, and ultimately, how we find balance and become at peace with ourselves…. How to absorb each lesson, how every ending holds the seeds the a new beginning…….as we learn to master these energies at work within our lives.

The tarot is NOT designed to be a fortune-telling device, but an unbound book of revelations, in pictorial form, of the souls journey to attain enlightenment (inner- light creation). Every challenge we face holds the key to overcoming the issue, the more we understand the lesson, the more empowered we become. I believe, these types of tools, from all around the world, have been ridiculed and removed from society….for one reason alone. To leave you bewildered to the very nature of your own humanity.

Good vs Evil playing out within us and joining together with the collective consciousness…. The power of love vs the love of power….our choices, all playing out within our separate and collective worlds.

By removing or neglecting the spiritual aspects of our lives, the EGO, and it’s love of power, can easily be ruled by fear…And with fear in control of our lives, who would dare to face the unknown?? Both aspects need to be embraced if we are to achieve mastery….

There is no light, without darkness, no beginnings, without endings, no courage, without fear……and no action, without consequence.

Blessed be xx