“I have been working with Andrea for many years now, and I can’t count the ways on so many levels that she has helped me on my path. She is always there whenever I need her, prepared to do a healing on me, or just listen and shift and release the negative energy as I talk. 
I have visited many of the sacred sites on the tour with Andrea and she has a very magical way of working with the land. She seems to be able to tune in and listen, and somehow knows the words the land needs to hear, or the exact place to sit and chant so that the land responds, and you know without doubt that you are in sacred space.
Andrea has a vast wealth of knowledge at her disposal, from deep and ancient wisdoms to new and vibrant teachings, which she passes on without pretence or ego.
I can say without a shadow of doubt that working with Andrea has enhanced my life and wellbeing beyond measure. She has helped me through trauma and ill health, and has celebrated my joy and achievements with me, and for this I am forever grateful”.  Louise from Chichester, UK
“Hmmm where shall I begin. It’s been an interesting journey. I first met Andrea when a friend introduced me to Andreas Sound Group as I was suffering from depression. I was welcomed like family. Well after one night of experiencing drumming and the beautiful collection of instruments at Merka Barn (Andreas spiritual hub) I was hooked. Andrea facilitated the group in such a friendly, relaxing and healing way like no other I have ever experienced. I received beautiful healing energies from all the sounds that surrounded me and had totally amazing journeys, meeting guides and receiving messages. Andrea was always there to help support whatever you experienced or not and offered advice when needed. I was able to participate in the groups she facilitated and received wonderful healing from Andrea. Thanks to her I am now on my own spiritual path and shaping my world in what she openly let me learn and experience. I am honoured to know her and all she offers in her work to myself and many others”. Pauline from Portsmouth, UK
“When i met Andrea i felt a deep soul connection with her, which is still very strong 5 years later. We worked together quite regularly, and i had many powerful experiences during healing sessions with Andrea. She is a wonderful lady, who i trust implicitly and respect enormously. She listens and is non judgemental as a therapist and friend. Andrea i miss you so much, and hope we will work together again soon. Thank you universe for ensuring that my path crossed with Andrea’s”. Glynis from Somerset, UK