The Shadow…..

The Shadow… A spiritual lesson that we all go through, but often fail to see, is that EVERYONE has a shadow. First, we have to accept that we are not just meat covered skeletons with a brain…but we are multi dimensional beings with consciousness….

We have all developed defensive mechanisms to cope with our childhoods, protect ourselves from hurt, and to deal with life in general. These ‘coping mechanisms’ are often seen as anger, violence, emotional shut off points etc, etc.

These need highlighting in order for us to see them, understand them, move through them…..and evolve… At times, these states of the Ego become out of balance or out of control and begin to rule our lives.

The less we understand the shadow, the more control it has over us. We cast this shadow onto things…people, situations (projections) and then blame them for our unhappiness.

” You’re the reason i’m unhappy!’…….’You made me do this!’………’If i let you in, you’ll take advantage of me!’ etc, etc….

If there is a victimizer, it’s because you’re playing the role of a ‘victim’…..this will play out as we look for a ‘rescuer’…..and that ‘rescuer’ will eventually become the ‘victimizer’ once we are done with the lesson. ( The creator, the maintainer and the destroyer…)

We project our problems onto others, subconsciously, so that we can deal with our internal struggle externally (out in the world)….to break out of our own chains. To free ourselves, from ourselves…..This is often confused as ‘fate’….for it is, kind of….

”The freedom we are looking for, is the freedom from ourselves”….to repair the fractures, to heal……We strive for completeness……Blessed be xxx