How Psychic are You?
Understand and develop your natural psychic ability in 2018.

Each workshop is a stand alone course, but the workshops have been designed to gradually build your natural psychic abilities throughout the year. You can either dip in and out of the workshops you feel drawn to attend or you can book all 8 workshops and receive a discount.

Exploring the Conscious and Unconscious Mind – Saturday 31st March & Sunday 1st April 2018

Meditation, Expanding your consciousness (remote viewing), Connecting to your Higher Self, Visualisation to access your Unconscious, Pathworking & Archetypes

The Secret Self – Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April                                                                               

Grounding, Understanding the 12 Chakra system, Feeling, Seeing and Reading the Auric field, Channelling healing energy, Divination & Dowsing with a Pendulum

Dream Workshop – Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May 2018

Inducing a dream, Improving dream recall, Create your own dreams, Dialogue with your dreams, Keeping a dream journal, Lucid dreaming, Astral travel

Divination – Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July 2018

Scrying, Runes, Introduction to the Tarot

Guides, Guardian Angels, Gatekeepers – Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July 2018

Opening sacred space, Protection, Making contact, Closing & Clearing space.

Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters – Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th August 2018

Understanding and connecting with the different celestial beings.

Introduction to Tarot – Saturday 29th & 30th September 2018

Major Arcana, Court cards, Minor Arcana, Readings

Introduction to Astrology – Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October 2018

Planets, Signs, Houses

Each 2 day workshop is 80 euros.

If you book all 8 workshops then you will receive a discount of 80 euros. 

Accommodation and meals are also on offer at Rainbow Lodge for an additional charge.