The Village of Linhares da Beira, recognised nationally and internationally as a Historic Village of Portugal, managed to develop paragliding, having become the national and Iberian capital of this sport. It has the longest course flights, the record of the greater flight duration which has been increasing. In 2010, it organised the 1st International Meeting of Paragliders having received about 290 foreign paragliders. Let’s not forget the Castle of Linhares da Beira, with a magnificent view and some technological innovations. Inside the castle of Linhares visitors may even find a paragliding simulator, specially created for those who want to experience flight without taking risks.

For hiking lovers and for those who enjoy nature, there are several pedestrian paths, as is the case of the Serra do Ralo trail, which begins in the Wind Farm Substation of Serra do Ralo and covers a distance of 11.1 km. This route can be enjoyed throughout the whole year but hikers are advised to take precautions regarding high temperatures in summer. This is due to the lack of trees and shadow along the trail. In the winter time weather conditions can be very harsh, caused by the cold wind and possibly even snow.

The trail Serra do Ralo was created with the purpose of improving the knowledge of hikers on wind generated energy. On departure, the trail has educational panels explaining how the wind farm works from the formation of wind to use for generating electricity. The two pedestrians trails integrated in the Municipality of Celorico da Beira, are called trail S. Gens and trail Das Ladeiras. The first covers a distance of 6.5 km visiting the historic village and the second covers a distance of 4km starting at Linhares da Beira


Annual Festivals and Events

Given that Celorico da Beira is a mainly rural and agricultural county, the Municipality Authority has always played an important role in the promotion and dissemination of the best that the county produces, with special focus on the Serra da Estrela cheese. Annual events are organised and aim to promote the region’s produce which include street markets to sell regional and local products in Porto and Lisbon.

The Cheese Fair is held annually, around Carnival time. The festival includes a carnival parade of the area’s parishes and associations and a crafts fair and give’s cheese producers to opportunity to sell and promote their products. The Mutton Festival is also held annually in the village of Carrapichana in order to promote, publicise and celebrate Mutton as a regional Food. Serra da Estrela mutton is a product with significant impact on the county’s economy due to its excellent quality. The Chestnut Festival is held in early November in the village of Prados with the aim of promoting and selling chestnuts.

Last year the 1st International Festival of Wine was held which brought hundreds of national and international connoisseurs, critics and wine tasters to the area. In August, two large events, the Dances on The Water + Andanças24 festivals demonstrate the area’s responsibility and commitment to environmental sustainability issues such as reducing local and global environmental impacts, learning and working with the local community to help create and establish gradual changes towards sustainability.  Also to help spread principles and best practices for social environmental festivals and other cultural events.

The event was held in the village of Ratoeira, on the river side of Mondego that has its source in Serra da Estrela. The community and local culture provided the inspiration and the invitation for people to dance, share and enjoy traditional music and dances, entertainment and activities of local identity, workshops, dances and outings.