How to find us

Rainbow Lodge, Monte Calvo N17 – km125, 6360-050 Cortico da Serra, Celorico da Beira,             

By Vehicle

Contact us for directions to find Rainbow Lodge from Gouveia or Celorico da Beira.

Airport, Metro & Coaches

Porto is the best airport to travel to for the Retreat.  We are around 2.5 hours from Porto airport and we recommend the coach from Porto to Celerico da Beira which costs around 15 Euros.


EasyJet or Tap Portugal offer the best flights to Porto from Gatwick.  Tap usually have more civilised flight times!

Friday is generally a better day to travel as there are more coaches.  The other weekdays there are fewer coaches and you have to change.  For the return trip, most people generally book a hotel overnight that is within walking distance of the airport. On you can usually get cheap deals and it saves the worry in the morning.

Booking the Coach

Rede expressos is the best site to use for booking your coach ticket.  The coach from Porto to Celerico da Beira costs around 15 Euros.

Getting from Porto airport to the coach station

From Porto airport you can either take a taxi to the coach station which costs about 20 Euros or you can take the Metro which is 2.50 Euros. There is also a mini-bus from the airport to the coach station which is 2.50 Euros, but it depends on times of flights.

Taking the Metro to the Coach station

The metro takes 30 minutes from Porto airport to the coach station.  When you come through Arrivals it is a smallish airport. Walk towards the lifts that are in front of you and you will see signs to take you behind the lifts for the Metro. You need to go down a level to the tunnel that goes under the road to the Metro which is literally outside of the airport. There will be someone at the ticket machine to help you but the machine has an English option.

You need the “purple line E” that runs between “Estádio do Dragão – Aeroporto” and you need a ticket to Bolhao. It is about a 30 minute journey to Bolhao.  Click here to download a metro map.

When you get to Bolhao there is a 10 minute walk to the coach station. Click here to see a map of the route.

It is easy to find. When you come out of any exit at Metro you will see a large building with blue and white tiles. This building is on the opposite side of the main road for the street you have to walk up. It has lots of shops and cafes and is a nice area. Just keep following the road and when it bends to the left the coach station is a huge opening into a garage area. On your ticket it will tell you which bay to find your coach.

We can collect you from the Coach station in Celerico da Beira.