Get Real, Get Down and Get Dirty!

For so long, my Aquarian self has been very aware of my Uranus antennae tuning in and picking up energy and frequencies. Having a conversation with someone involved me coping with receiving a whole load of other energies and information rather than just the spoken word. Whilst, I am grateful for my psychic abilities, I can feel overwhelmed at times!


Towards the end of last year, I went through another shift in my awareness and experienced becoming more grounded in my present reality.  I started to turn my attention from being “heart centred” to really feeling stuff in my “core” and becoming more “soul centred”. I experienced it as a shift. “Get real, get down to earth and get dirty”!

So where now? I have often spoken about all this “Ascension” stuff and will often hear myself saying “you need to descend, in order to ascend”, and I believe this with all my heart and soul.

I have entered a new era of sharing my knowledge to support people become more body aware and own their stuff. When situations rattle you and people push your buttons… ask yourself, where do I feel that in my physical body? What stuck energy do I have to release? What trauma do I have to face and clear?

This is particular relevant to your closer relationships and friendships. We all attract people to us based on the lessons we want to learn and the energy signature we are emitting. We are just like magnets on a giant web!

There is a simple technique, I have shared with many people who are thinking of leaving their partners, who cannot communicate with their children, or are feeling challenged by their parents. We push each other’s buttons to heal our unconscious issues that need healing.

During a coaching session, I ask people to write a list of all the things that they have problems with in their relationship. Then I support them to scan their own body to release old traumas and programming from the DNA, through identifying with physical discomfort or emptiness. The interesting fact is that most people struggle with the next stage, to love the other person for those behaviours! And this can take a bit longer to release and come to peace within the body. But once completed people start to lighten up about someone else’s behaviour, as they are no longer having their buttons pushed. The result is the other party in the relationship, then either changes their behaviour towards them or looks elsewhere for someone to trigger.

Over my 16 years working with clients, many people have done this work and saved their marriages, improved their relationship with their children or changed patterns of behaviour learnt during their childhood. Our parents after all are our first and biggest teachers!

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