“Down to Earth” spiritual guidance and support using simple Energy Medicine techniques as part of your healing process with Andrea Rathsi.

Working with me in a private session is a unique and special experience.  Together we will move into the deep spaces of your heart and soul, hear the wisdom and direction you require at this time. You will come away with options, choices and tools to make a difference in your life.


We offer a wide range of therapies for the body, mind and soul to assist you in your self discovery and healing process. We are fully qualified in a range of Energy Medicine Therapies, using a variety of tools and techniques to include; crystals, sound, colour, dna activations & clearing, quantum magnetic analysis, Cymatherapy, Emotional Freedom and Transference Healing.

We are also able to offer personal and relationship Astrology reports and Tarot readings.

Group workshops are offered throughout the year at Rainbow Lodge. Contact me if you are interested in finding out more about a specific course.


For a free consultation then please email Private appointments can be made either in person at Rainbow Lodge, Portugal or online via Skype or Facebook. Home visits can also be arranged subject to an additional charge for travelling expenses.