Rainbow Lodge is a community made up of guests, residents and volunteers that join us from around the world. Some stay with us for a few weeks, others for a few months.

The intention is to attract a core team of eight people with different skills to care for the land, facilities whilst developing the community. One of the key aspects we want to focus on is introducing others to a ‘different way of living’, one that is resourceful and abundant. We want to grow a community that lives in harmony with our surroundings and in balance with nature. Our aim is to reconnect with the different aspects of ‘self’ but to also reconnect with each other and the land.  Ideally, some of these people would be interested in offering workshops, courses and retreats to share their skills and knowledge with the community.

Balanced Energy Exchange at Rainbow Lodge: 

Financial Exchange towards rent of land and use of communal resources.
– 50 euros per person, per calendar month.

Hours expected
 Minimum 2 hours per day. Maximum  20 hours per week.
– Usually from 8 am to 11 am or 5 pm to 8 pm depending on projects and weather.

Length of stay:
– There will be an initial 3 month probationary period. Residents need to be available for a minimum of one month. There is no maximum stay for residents at Rainbow Lodge.

Communal facilities:
– Outdoor kitchen, shower and compost loo.
– Indoor, heated shower with sink and WC. Washing machine available depending on guests in house.
– Access to wi-fi in the house (for accessing emails and other essential communication).

– Equal share of organic produce from fruit and vegetable garden
– Equal share of organic produce from animals and birds.

Food & Accommodation:
– Provide & cook your own meals in the outdoor kitchen.
– Provide & maintain your own accommodation.
– Manage your own laundry

Daily help needed:
– Milking and herding the goats
– Feeding and caring for the chickens & ducks
– Planting, maintaining and watering the veggie garden
– Blueberry picking and checking water supply (June only)
– Recycling / waste removal to local recycling point in local village (as and when required)

Routine maintenance includes:
– Brush cutting paths to lower fire risk
– Land clearing
–  Track Maintenance
– Cutting broom for firewood
– Collecting pine cones

We also have a few projects planned:
– Fencing for goats and chickens
– Outdoor shower & Compost loos
– Creating a market garden
– Making earthen decks for guest accommodation
– Developing shaded areas for creative/ relaxation space
– Sweat Lodge for ceramonies
– Building additional shelter to extend our animal family
– Building a natural pond

What else:
There is no public transport near our location. We tend to visit the local shops by car once or twice a week. We are a 20 minute walk from the nearest village and cafe.

DO Bring:

  • Towel
  • There is a river beach about ten minutes drive, so bring some swimwear / shorts.
  • A head torch is handy for getting around at night.
  • Warm clothing for cold nights (hat, gloves, socks, etc)
  • Cool clothes for hot days (sun hat, shorts, flip flops, etc)
  • Waterproof clothing (winter season)
  • Practical shoes… trainers / walking boots.
  • Natural, organic toiletries (soap/shampoo/conditioner, etc)
  • Torch / solar powered lights
  • Gardening gloves (if required)
  • Sleeping bag / tent (if required)
  • A positive, can do attitude!

Do NOT Bring:

  • Electrical appliances, e.g. hairdryer, hair straighteners, electric toothbrush, electric shaver, etc.

If you’re coming as a resident to us, please bear in mind that we work as the weather, materials, machinery/power availability dictates. Flexibility is important here.

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